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Late 2025. William S. Anderson is the pilot of a spaceship sent off to exploration in order to investigate about a mysterious event named "Deep Flare". The hostile environment is not going to be his only concern. He will have to face the unknown, his fears and worries, unravel schemes and secrets hidden by time, become pioneer of a new age. In a time when mankind has lost itself, you must find it again by getting through darkness.


Deep Flare is a 2D episodic space exploration game set in our solar system. Being focused on the plot and the atmosphere, it fits the expectations of those looking for a single player old time experience. The game offers crafting elements through which the player will be able to upgrade his spaceship, and 2D shoot'em up elements, but the gameplay is not as focused on shooting as it is on avoiding the dangers that our solar system has hidden away from us.

Europa Demo

Almost two years ago, our project was focused on releasing one single big game called Deep Flare: Explorer. We started by working on a full playable demo set on Europa, one of the Jupiter's main satellites. Alas, our plans had to change in order to adapt to a different working condition that our lives forced us to adopt. In this demo, you'll get control of the spaceship's exploration module, in a quest to get everything ready for departure after an unlucky incident... but there are many mysteries hidden on the icy moon for you to unveil.

We decided to put voice acting in this demo, even though this feature will not make it to the completed version of the game.


Deep Flare Explorer (Alpha - Win x64).zip 203 MB
Deep Flare Explorer (Alpha - Win x86).zip 201 MB
Deep Flare Explorer (Alpha - OSX).zip 213 MB
Deep Flare Explorer (Alpha - Linux).zip 214 MB

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go below the surface and everything goes black! even the tutorial unplayable, without the ability to configure buttons, who knows what does what on my joystick, keyboard doesn't respond....

The itch app doesn't support .rar. You could switch to .zip for all platforms.


Oh, We didn't know that! We're adding them right away.